Citas en Español

As a fully bilingual Financial Services Professional and licensed agent, I enjoy interacting with those that prefer to communicate only in Spanish. 

During my 27-year career in the financial services industry, I have worked with clients with a diverse cultural background, their financial needs and strategies often involved unique situations including having family members overseas, owning cross-border assets, and family businesses.  Clients looking to develop retirement strategies that will allow them to protect and secure their hard-earned U.S. dollars in retirement income against market risks while enjoying a comfortable standard of living in their countries of origin.

My Spanish-speaking clients often expressed appreciation after being able to interact with me in their own language without the need for an interpreter.  Not only because of language, but most importantly because I can clearly understand their goals and offer solutions considering a cross-border analysis approach when applicable.

Despite not all the members of my team being bilingual, we thrive to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, however, please contact me directly to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to avoid language barriers.